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The Australian Tile Council has had success in the last 50 years in lobbying industry stakeholders for the betterment of members and the industry as a whole. Some of the more significant achievements to date -

    1. Having import duty rates on tiles reduced from 30% to 5%.
    2. Having the proposal to introduce a 12% sales tax on tiles quashed.
    3. Restricting and then eliminating cost burdens associated with requirements for quarantine inspections of all tile containers.
    4. Organising meetings for members with relevant experts who took us through the GST implications for our industry.
    5. Continuing to work to allow freedom of choice of floor tiles for residential applications in regard to slip resistance.
    6. Prevented the miscommunication by Worksafe of an industry alert that wall tiles potentially contained asbestos. This situation could have led to a disastrous situation for the industry if the Australian Tile Council had not had it quickly rectified.

The Australian Tile Council now seeks to form an Advocacy Group to represent the industry and lobby for change to improve the industry for its members.


  1. Centralise and prioritise the needs of our members for what it is they feel should be changed and fought for at an operational and policy level beyond the scope of the ATC.
  2. Field, coordinate and submit unified proposals to policy makers and key influencers and stakeholders.
  3. Distribute to Members public information on matters that they may not believe affect them, but in fact they have a large responsibility and could be found criminally negligible – e.g. are retailers/suppliers/tile contractors aware of their Chain of responsibility culpability when loading tiles onto their vehicles, customers vehicles or outside transport vehicles and an incident occurs with serious injury.
  4. Report to members the actions being undertaken and achievements.
  5. Work with and support our representatives on industry working groups like Standards Australia.
  6. Represent and lobby the following bodies –
    1. Local, State and Federal Governments
    2. Shipping Lines/Freight forwarders/Stevedores
    3. Local and overseas manufacturers
    4. TAFEs and training colleges
    5. AQIS/ABF
    6. Worksafe/NHVR
    7. Standards Australia
    8. BPIC
    9. ISO

Update May 2021

The inaugural meeting of the Advocacy Committee was held on May 13 via Zoom. The initial priorities of the Committee between this meeting and their next one in August will be to gather further information from the Members of the ATC as to what they see requires action in the area of lobbying and advocacy, as well as commencing to build closer strategic alliances with industry stakeholders to improve the chances of the ATC in achieving greater industry outcomes.

Advocacy Committee Members

Laurence Pilgrim (Chairman)

Tile Collective (Retailer)

Craig Hunter

Laticrete (Adhesive Manufacturer)

Stephen Needs

Industry Consultant (Tiler, Builder & Consultant)

Richard Murphy


Join the Advocacy Committee

Please consider joining the Advocacy Committee. You will not only help our industry
by being a contributing advocate but you will also receive discounts off your
Australian Tile Council membership.