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The Australian Tile Council provides the following for its members –

  • Represents them as the Representative Industry Body
  • Technical and Industry related Information and Support
  • Free access to the Tile and Tiling Guide
  • Free access to the Tile Reference Manual
  • Tiling Literature, Brochures and Notices
  • Professional recognition as a member of the only recognized nation body industry
  • National Committee Representative

The Australian Tile Council has representatives on all relevant national industry committees which are critical in protecting our industry such as –

  • Australian Standards for the fixing of tiles
  • Australian Slip Resistant Standards
  • Wet Areas in Buildings
  • External Waterproofing Membranes

To achieve all of these benefits, the Australian Tile Council needs members to allow us the financial capacity to be the industry leader and to tackle industry issues as they arise that gives the Autralian Tile Council the strength (numbers) for others to take us seriously by listening and then acting.

By joining the Australian Tile Council you have the comfort of knowing that dedicated industry representatives are continually working behind the scenes protecting and enhancing the industry you make a living out of.

If you make a living from the Tile Industry then you cannot afford not to be a member of the Australian Tile Council.

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